The StormRax peak & dome series is designed for installation on square or rectangular concrete structures that require trash racks for debris screening. The fiberglass reinforced structural High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is engineered to endure the harshest of environments and ensures your stormwater system is ready when Mother Nature is at its worst. More detailed information on our most common models and downloadable drawings are available below.

Design Features

  • Durable and Convenient

  • Eco-Friendly and Affordable

  • Lightweight for Easy Mounting

  • Structure Maintenance Access

Up To 42” width  I.D.

Flush Mount


PK-040601Fits 24” x 24” I.D. BoxDownload
PK-040801Fits 24” x 36” I.D. BoxDownload
PK-060701Fits 30” x 30” I.D. BoxDownload
PK-060801Fits 30” x 36” I.D. BoxDownload
PK-080801Fits 36” x 36” I.D. BoxDownload

Structures 48” to
120” Width I.D.

Flush Mount
Lengths over 12’ Available

Hinged Access Door

DM-0402Fits 48” x 24” I.D. BoxDownload
DM-0404Fits 48” x 48” I.D. BoxDownload
DM-0505Fits 60” x 60” I.D. BoxDownload
DM-0606Fits 72” x 72” I.D. BoxDownload
DM-0707Fits 84” x 84” I.D. BoxDownload
DM-0808Fits 96” x 96” I.D. BoxDownload
DM-0909Fits 108” x 108” I.D. BoxDownload

Is your structure a different size? Contact us for the perfect fit!