At Plastic Solutions we understand the wide variety of requirements in stormwater system projects. Maintaining the highest standards of design and custom fabrication, our innovative and high-quality HDPE fabrication abilities help ensure you meet your project requirements in the most cost-effective way. Contact us today to request a quote for your custom fabrication needs.

Dewatering Devices

Our custom fabricated dewatering devices are designed to filter sediment and debris-laden water before it is discharged offsite. Because every project is unique, our dewatering devices come in many sizes and are custom fabricated to your job requirements.

Anti-Seep Collars

Our HDPE anti-seep collars are custom fabricated in all required sizes to meet your project requirements. Designed to control seepage along the barrel of sediment basins, they can be welded directly onto the pipe or to standard HDPE split couplers for easy installation.

HDPE Fittings & More

We know each project comes with its own set of unique engineering challenges and having the right fittings can bring it all together. The Plastic Solutions Custom Fabrication Team has the knowledge and skills to produce both common and unique HDPE fittings to meet your system’s needs. Our shop is equipped to work with any size DW HDPE pipe to save you valuable time and money on your project.

Flared End

Section Grates

When your project requires debris screening or entry prevention in Flared End Sections of culvert pipe, our structural HDPE grating can be custom fabricated to meet your needs. Our Flared End Section Grating is designed to protect openings for up to 60” ID pipe.

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