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StormRax specializes in providing durable fiberglass reinforced structural HDPE trash racks to the stormwater management industry. Unlike metal alternatives, our durable line of fiberglass reinforced, UV stabilized, and chemically resistant HDPE trash racks do not rust, weigh a fraction of rebar trash racks, and are much easier to install.

Our team of industry experts created the innovative StormRax designs and unique molds to meet the physical demands of Mother Nature, as well as a modular construction for an extensive variety of sizes and applications. This enables us to quickly configure custom manufactured solutions of trash rack grating and debris screens to meet your needs on concrete, metal, and plastic structures within a stormwater management system. The StormRax product catalog has a variety of common product sizes, shapes, and functionalities to accommodate your project specifications. We are here as a resource to provide you with solutions to make your project a success.

Product Features

StormRax Trash Racks

Plastic Solutions’ StormRax trash racks are the perfect water screening solution for structures made from concrete, metal, or plastic pipe. Constructed of fiberglass reinforced structurally molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the custom manufactured trash rack grating and screening is durable, lightweight, affordable to ship, and easy to install. They are a cost-effective alternative to painted and galvanized steel racks for use in civil, DOT, industrial, commercial, residential, and solar stormwater management projects.

Structural molded parts made from HDPE and fiberglass have a high strength-to-weight ratio with 3 to 4 times greater rigidity than solid parts of the same material of equal weight. Structural plastic has replaced wood, concrete, solid plastics and metals in a variety of applications.
StormRax trash racks are structurally sound and designed to withstand extreme temperatures and long-term exposure to the elements such as UV radiation, salt water and chemicals.
StormRax’s long-lasting design ensures our trash racks continue protecting your stormwater system’s structures for many years. Capturing debris outside the structure keeps your system performing well and makes it apparent when routine clearing is required.
StormRax trash racks can be installed wherever your storm drainage empties to trap trash and debris – preventing these pollutants from entering bodies of water. Also, because these trash racks stand up to the elements and do not rust, they have a much lower replacement rate than traditional metal trash racks and are perfect for Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) applications.
With a nationwide network of distributors, Plastic Solutions typically provides a 2-day turnaround for most products, saving our customers significant time and money. As a comparison, most galvanized steel alternatives require 3-week turnaround times.

StormRax trash racks’ lightweight design allows for easy installation by hand – eliminating heavy equipment costs and impact on the surrounding environment. Structural plastic trash racks are an ideal replacement for steel structures that have reached their end of life. All StormRax trash racks come pre-drilled and supply all necessary mounting hardware. See Installation Instructions.

Plastic Solutions’ StormRax meets the requirements of many state departments of transportation and local municipalities and have proven the test of time as an excellent solution in stormwater management systems. Please contact us for additional information if you have any state DOT or municipality approval questions.

Product Specifications

StormRax Trash Racks

These specifications describe StormRax and their use in stormwater management ponds and basins.

The resin used for Structural Plastic trash racks is fiberglass reinforced HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Virgin resin materials and fiberglass fill are used to ensure that the expected mechanical properties are maintained throughout the life of the trash rack to meet the maximum deflection values as shown below. In addition, the material blend performs in cold temperatures (-0°F). The grid used to manufacture StormRax trash racks complies with the following mechanical properties:

Loading Rating: 2030 lbs. /sq. ft.
Ultimate Yield Strength: 1855 lbs. /sq.ft.
Maximum Deflection (@90°F): <2.00 inches ( over a 22″ x 22″ area)

Due to continual exposure to radiation, StormRax include UV protection in the resin to prevent premature material degradation of the trash rack. The UV protection meets or exceeds the ASTM D2565-99 standard.
The colorant is homogenous and does not fade, run, discolor or deteriorate when exposed to sunlight and/or the elements for the life of the trash rack.

Each trash rack design accounts for both the physical and hydraulic factors that the trash rack is expected to see during its intended product life. To maintain structural integrity and product warranty, it is essential to use the pre-drilled mounting holes. All mounting hardware is included with each rack. See Installation Instructions or contact us if you have any installation questions.

Grid dimensions vary by StormRax Product Series and are available in the model specific drawings in each series page. Anti-vortex plates are available for whenever hydraulic calculations dictate their use. Access door(s) are available when access to larger structures/stairs is required. All metal stiffeners, fasteners and components are made from materials to prevent corrosion and maintain functionality over the life of the trash rack.
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